Tutorial on Bella Flex Savings v2

How to Deposit and Stake on Flex Savings v2 Page:

  1. In the “Flex Savings” tab, simply deposit supported crypto assets and you will receive interest-bearing bToken
  2. In the Farm tab, stake bToken and choose reward booster (see below)
  3. Start earning basic yield reward & $BEL* (for specific assets)
  1. USDT
  2. USDC
  3. ARPA

How to Deposit in Flex Savings v2:

  1. Choose the asset you wish to deposit and click on “deposit”

How to Withdraw in Flex Savings v2

  1. Click the “Withdraw” tab, input the intended amount and click “Withdraw”

How to Farm $BEL in Flex Savings v2:

  1. Click the “Farm” tab and choose the asset you want to stake

How to Withdraw Staking on Flex Savings v2:

  1. To withdraw, click the “Unstake” tab


Please note that this product should be used at your own risk. Utmost good faith has been used in constructing this product and the team will continue to update the code, implement safety measures, and partner with the best security teams in the industry to ensure fund safety.

About Bella

Bella is a suite of open finance products including automated yield farming tools, lending protocol, 1-click savings account, customized Robo-advisor, and more. We believe everyone deserves equal access to premium financial products and services with elegant design and a smooth user experience.



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