Flex Savings v2 Launch Date & Million-Dollar Yield Farming Program

Bella Protocol
3 min readFeb 5, 2021

Dear Bella community:

Today we have an exciting announcement to make: Bella Protocol smart mining pool product Flex Savings v2 will go live on Ethereum Mainnet on Feb 8th at 8pm (UTC+8).

Along with the grand launch, there will also be a million-dollar yield farming program to bootstrap the staking of bToken as well as the initial liquidity in the product. As a result, we expect the combined APY (native APY + BEL APY) to be much higher than the current industry standard.

The first batch of farm pools in Flex Savings v2 are: bUSDT, bUSDC, bARPA. Users will receive these bTokens once they have made deposits of USDT, USDC, and ARPA into Flex Savings v2.

Staking of these bTokens will allow users to receive extra BEL token rewards during the yield farming period. By distributing extra BEL rewards, we will not only bootstrap the Flex Savings v2 product but also guarantee every user a more competitive return.

Million-Dollar Yield Farming Incentives Program

Total reward:

500,000 BEL (worth >$1,000,000 at current market price, as of Feb 5, 2021)

The total reward for the first week will be 100,000 BEL, rewards for the second week and onwards will decrease by 15% every week. Subsequent adjustments may be made according to the market condition and TVL.

Estimated Duration:

8 weeks

Supported Pool:

The first batch of pools including: bUSDT, bUSDC, bARPA, more will be added depending on the market condition and feedback from the community.

Details on Week 1 Incentives

Total rewards: 100,000 BEL

Duration: Feb 8th, 2021 (8pm UTC+8) to Feb 15, 2021 (8pm UTC+8)

Supported Pool & Specific Reward Setting

  1. USDT pool: 50,000 BEL extra rewards
  2. USDC pool: 40,000 BEL extra rewards
  3. ARPA pool: 10,000 BEL extra rewards

The earlier you stake, the earlier & more BEL reward you’ll get, hop on the train, and don’t miss out on the chance!

The whole Bella Protocol team is working diligently to prepare for the initial public release of Flex Savings v2, stay tuned!

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