Flex Savings v1 Tutorial

Dear Bella community, farmers, miners,

We have put together a tutorial for beginners who want to participate in the Bella Flex Savings v1. To begin, you will need to set up test net in your Metamask:

Custom RPC in Metamask

Go to Flex Savings test website: fs.bella.fi

  1. Add the RPC link of Ethereum fork and Chain ID

Please note that user assets in the sandbox environment are snapshots of the assets on the main Ethernet network, independent from the main network. All the operations in the sandbox environment only affect the assets in the test network, the increase or decrease of user assets in the test network will not affect the assets in the main network. Please make sure that all operations are done in the test network environment!

2. Adding process

Add the info like the screenshot above:

  • Network name (Arbitrary, recommend: fs-testing)
  • RPC(see above)
  • ChainId(see above)
  • Symbol(Arbitrary, recommend: ETH)
  • Block Explorer URL: None

Then we can start our journey at Bella Flex Savings v1

  1. Choose the asset you wish to deposit and click on “Deposit”

2. Take ARPA as an example, click “Approve” to allow the website to spend your ARPA

3. Confirm in your wallet

4. Input the intended amount and click “Deposit”

5. Confirm the transaction in your wallet

bARPA balance is now shown (The bARPA number and the actual ARPA number you deposited is not 1:1)

6. To withdraw, click the “withdraw” tab, input the intended amount and click “Withdraw”

7. Confirm the transaction in your wallet

Now the bARPA balance goes back to 0

Staking tutorial

  1. Click the “Staking” tab and choose the asset you want to stake

2. Take USDC as an example, Click “Approve” to allow the website to spend your bUSDC

3. Confirm in your wallet

4. Click the “+” to stake

5. Input the intended amount and “BEL delay days and APY boost” and click “Deposit”


A reward multiplier of 1.15x/1.3x/1.6x will be applied to the BEL reward earned for 7/15/30 day- delay for distribution. You can choose in “BEL Delay Days & APY Boost”

BEL Earned, BEL Collectable and BEL Delayed.

BEL Earned = Total BEL token reward, including instantly claimable BEL and BEL rewards for delayed distribution. Please note the rewards will only start to count for delayed days when users click on the “Claim” button.

BEL Collectable = Sum of BEL rewards that have passed the delayed period. Users can immediately receive these BEL rewards by clicking the “Collect” button.

BEL Delayed = Sum of BEL rewards that are claimed and are in the delayed distribution process.

6. Confirm the transaction in your wallet

The bUSDC staked is now shown

7. To withdraw, click the “withdraw” tab

8. Input the intended withdraw amount and which part of bUSDC staked you want to unstake (instant/7 days/15 days/30 days) and click “Unstake”

9. Confirm the transaction in your wallet

Now the staked number will decrease to a very small number, but not likely 0 since the BEL reward is still calculating

Note: If you unstake all bUSDC with “BEL Earned” unclaimed, the number of “BEL Earned” will go back to 0, please make sure “BEL Earned” is claimed before unstake all the bUSDC.

Happy experimenting!

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