Bella: Why Are We Building a One-Click DeFi Aggregator?

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The cryptocurrency and crypto assets market is a trillion-dollar market with substantial room for growth

The current market penetration rate of DeFi is only 1%, a large number of users have not yet been reached

Opportunities for cross-protocol arbitrage constantly spring up. The aggregation of DeFi is an irresistible trend

Hybrid Finance: the combination of DeFi and CeFi

Developing DeFi product is a test for the team, the threshold and potential are far higher than other kinds of project

Crypto Market is riding on a mobile network tide like in 2013, Asia market has a huge potential

The infrastructure for Ethereum and other blockchains is evolving, and there will be better user experience

What are we building?

Our Vision for Open Finance

What’s next?

About Bella

A suite of DeFi products to bring your familiar mobile banking into crypto with just one-click.

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