Bella: Why Are We Building a One-Click DeFi Aggregator?

The cryptocurrency and crypto assets market is a trillion-dollar market with substantial room for growth

The current market penetration rate of DeFi is only 1%, a large number of users have not yet been reached

Opportunities for cross-protocol arbitrage constantly spring up. The aggregation of DeFi is an irresistible trend

Hybrid Finance: the combination of DeFi and CeFi

Developing DeFi product is a test for the team, the threshold and potential are far higher than other kinds of project

Crypto Market is riding on a mobile network tide like in 2013, Asia market has a huge potential

The infrastructure for Ethereum and other blockchains is evolving, and there will be better user experience

What are we building?

We are building a suite of products that aim to make financial products easily accessible to anyone with a mobile phone and the internet. The idea is simple: allow users to earn the best rate available with just one click.

Our Vision for Open Finance

DeFi will one day step out of the small circle of crypto users and become a pioneer of open finance.

There will always be tremendous opportunities during paradigm shifts. From the internet era to mobile internet era, from Facebook to Instagram and TikTok, massive opportunities have been created during these shifts. Blockchain, a decentralized settlement system, was destined to change the financial industry from the moment it was born.

Bitcoin has created the medium for decentralized exchange. Lending, as an ancient financial tool, will become the cornerstone of open finance with the help of DeFi. From the rise of USDT, USDC, DAI, and other stablecoins in the past two years, we can see that the market cap of stablecoins will be the base layer and provide the fundamental liquidity for open finance and will provide the funding supply for DeFi.

Ultimately it will be the state-led cryptos such as CBDC and Libra that will carry DeFi and open finance forward. At that time, the collateral will blossom into highly liquid assets, commodities, and bonds, and not just be limited cryptos like Ethereum. Then its capital supply side will be the cryptos that are issued by countries. Trading, settlement, lending, and financial derivatives together will form a dazzling ecosystem of open finance, a whole new trillion-dollar market.

What’s next?

In the next 24 hours, Bella team will release Bella’s roadmap, $BEL token info, and detailed product introduction including product matrix. Please pay close attention to our Telegram, Twitter and Discord!

About Bella

Bella is a suite of open finance products including automated yield farming tools, lending protocol, 1-click savings account, customized robo-advisor, and more. We believe everyone deserves equal access to premium financial products and services with elegant design and smooth user experience.

Bella brings your familiar mobile banking into crypto with just one click. With Bella, you can just simply sit back, watch your asset grow, and leave all the heavy-lifting to secure, automated smart contracts.

Bella’s core team consists of serial entrepreneurs and blockchain veterans who have tremendous experience and proven track record in finance, cryptography, blockchain, and engineering.

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A suite of DeFi products to bring your familiar mobile banking into crypto with just one-click.