Bella Protocol Partners with 4EVERLAND for Decentralized Hosting Deployment on BNB Greenfield Testnet

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3 min readAug 1, 2023

Bella Protocol is excited to announce a strategic partnership with 4EVERLAND, a renowned Web 3.0 cloud computing platform, to pioneer a decentralized front-end hosting deployment on the BNB Greenfield Testnet. This collaboration not only marks a significant milestone in our journey but also brings us closer to our aim of unleashing liquidity potential and maximizing crypto yields across multiple chains.

The BNB Greenfield is a blockchain and storage infrastructure designed to enable data ownership and foster the data economy through decentralized technology. It is a testing environment where developers can experiment with and deploy their dApps securely, scalably, and efficiently. Leveraging the Binance Smart Chain’s high-performance infrastructure, the BNB Greenfield Testnet is poised to provide a formidable platform for the creation of innovative and cutting-edge dApps.

4EVERLAND, well-known for its innovative hosting solutions in the decentralized space, will provide its expertise to this venture. The services they provide include decentralized deploy servers, distributed storage, and global gateways, which enable developers and project teams to scale their applications quickly and meet the needs of a fast-growing ecosystem.

Despite most DeFi applications operating with decentralized smart contracts resistant to censorship, the front-end presentation of these on-chain applications often remains rooted in traditional internet architecture, leading to a centralization issue. Decentralization of the front-end necessitates a system that disseminates control among numerous nodes or entities, underscoring data sovereignty.

Our partnership with 4EVERLAND will facilitate leveraging BNB Greenfield network, setting the stage for a truly decentralized front-end.

“Collaboration is the essence of growth in the ever-evolving blockchain ecosystem. This partnership with 4EVERLAND is a significant stride for Bella Protocol in expanding our sphere of influence and stepping into the realm of decentralized hosting,” said Felix Xu, the co-founder of Bella Protocol.

“Decentralized hosting signifies a paradigm shift in web hosting and access. We are delighted to collaborate with Bella Protocol to drive growth and evolution within the decentralized hosting community,” says Deon Erda, the co-founder of 4EVERLAND.

This joint endeavor will encourage users to explore the potential of decentralized front-end hosting and will further solidify Bella Protocol’s position as a frontrunner in DeFi. As we anticipate a fruitful deployment on the BNB Greenfield Testnet, we invite all developers to join us on this exciting journey.

As we continue to strive for innovation and excellence, we would like to thank our community for your unwavering support. Let us jointly usher in a new era of decentralized applications, where data ownership, efficiency, and innovation coexist harmoniously.


4EVERLAND is a Web3 infrastructure powered by blockchain technology that provides developers with convenient, efficient, and low-cost storage, network, and computing capabilities. It is committed to helping developers smoothly transition from Web2.0 to Web3.0 and building a Web3.0 cloud computing platform friendly to Web2.0.

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Aiming to help users unleash the liquidity potential and maximize crypto yields across multiple chains, Bella Protocol provides a suite of streamlined tools, including a zkSync-based yield protocol, an Ethereum-based smart liquidity pool, and a Uniswap V3 simulator.

The flagship product Bella LP Farm is a zkSync-based yield protocol that optimizes returns on liquidity provision. By staking LP tokens on an intuitive portal, users can effortlessly bolster potential earnings with multiple token rewards.

Another notable product in Bella’s line-up is Bella Flex Savings V2, a gas-efficient and smart liquidity pool that auto-compounds returns and provides a low-fee wealth management experience. Flex Savings V2 has been running on Ethereum since February 2021, with the highest TVL of over $40 million.

Bella Protocol caters to the needs of developers and quant strategists with a unique offering called Tuner. This programmatic Uniswap V3 simulator enables users to backtest and fine-tune their quantitative strategies on a transaction-to-transaction basis. With the ability to work with arbitrary or historical data without relying on the EVM, Tuner operates independently while fully preserving the exact smart-contract behavior of the intricate design and implementation of Uniswap V3.

Bella Protocol is backed by Binance Labs, Arrington XRP Capital, and several other renowned investors.

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