Bella Protocol Monthly Report | July Progress Review

Bella Protocol
5 min readAug 10, 2022


Dear Bella community,

To make sure the Bella community is up to date with the latest project activities, we update Bella’s recent accomplishments, current tasks, and overall significant happenings that have occurred within the past month to track our progress toward healthy business growth.

We are delighted to welcome those of you who have been with us along the journey and those who are new to the community. Thank you all for your support!

This review is a look back at July. Enjoy!

Cointelegraph | Crypto contagion deters investors in near term, but fundamentals stay strong

These past few months have been a “Lehman moment” for the crypto market. What do the recent insolvencies mean for the industry? What’s one of the positive outcomes of a bear market? How is the future of the crypto market going to play out? Read what our co-founder Felix Xu told Cointelegraph lately here:

Learn the Lehman moment for Crypto in detail with Felix here:

Announcement on the completion of the eighth round of BEL Airdrop distribution

The eighth round of $BEL Airdrop for ARPA holders at AEX was completed on July 27th. Please note this is the final round of our airdrop series. The airdrop has greatly helped spread Bella’s community awareness and increase the liquidity of BEL. Thanks again for your continued participation and support!

Check more details here:

New Landing Page on

On July 22nd, released its new landing page. Users can now search for flights, hotels, and activities while learning about $BEL’s team, mission, markets, and use cases. Check it out now at:

Bella Protocol Listed in Top Projects with Fully Diluted Market Cap of $50M — $100M by CryptoDep

On July 21st, Bella Protocol was listed in the “Top Projects with Fully Diluted Market Cap of $50M — $100M” by CryptoDep. We appreciate your love and support! More to come!

BEL Listed In TOP 15 coins by LunarCrush Galaxy Score

On July 14th, BEL was listed in the “TOP 15 coins by LunarCrush Galaxy Score” by CryptoDiffer. Galaxy Score is a proprietary score that is constantly measuring crypto against itself with respect to the community metrics pulled in from across the web. We appreciate your faith and support!

Binance Completed the Seventh Round of BEL Airdrop Distribution

On July 7th, Binance completed the seventh round of BEL airdrop distribution to ARPA holders. Binance users can confirm the receipt of these tokens via the Distribution History page in its User Center. For more information, please refer to the original announcement:

Bella Listed on Top Projects with Fully Diluted Market Cap under $100M by CryptoDep

On July 8th, Bella Protocol was listed on “Top Projects with Fully Diluted Market Cap under $100M” by CryptoDep. We appreciate that our community has always had a strong faith in Bella. The market is volatile, but we are firmly determined. Stay tuned to more solid progress in the future.

$BEL-$OLAND Farm Pool Went Live

On July 4th, the $BEL-$OLAND farm pool went live on Oceanland. The Bella Eco Fund’s portfolio project, Oceanland, is an NFT blockchain-based game. The game works on the play-to-earn principle. $BEL holders can now try out Oceanland game and farm $OLAND by providing liquidity with $BEL at Take a look if you are into play-to-earn games, DeFi, and NFTs!

About Bella

Bella Protocol​ is a suite of open finance products that aims to bring mass adoption to DeFi asset management. Bella’s first yield product, Flex Savings v2 is live on Ethereum with $40 million TVL. Bella’s core team is creating Bella Virtuoso, a permissionless strategy platform that connects investors with the best LP strategies on Uniswap V3. Bella Virtuoso also comes with built-in backtesting tools and data infrastructure for strategy builders.

Bella Protocol is backed by Binance Labs and Arrington XRP Capital and several other renowned investors. BEL token is supported on Binance, Bithumb and other major exchanges.

Bella’s core team consists of serial entrepreneurs and blockchain veterans who have tremendous experience and a proven track record in finance, cryptography, blockchain, and engineering.

For more information about Bella, or to join our team, please contact us at

Learn about Bella’s recent official news:


Twitter: @BellaProtocol





Bella Protocol

A suite of DeFi products to bring your familiar mobile banking into crypto with just one-click.