Bella Protocol Monthly Report | February Progress Review

Dear Bella community,

To ensure that the Bella community is well informed on the team’s latest developments, we update Bella’s development dynamics and progress through our monthly report. Thank you all for your support!

This review is a look back at February. Enjoy!

01 Bella Development Dynamics & Technology Progress

Smart Contract


02 Community, Marketing & Listings

Bella Protocol Partnered With Chromia To Bring Scalability and Speed for DeFi Products

On Mar 14th, Bella Protocol announced the partnership with ​Chromia, a relational blockchain optimized for decentralized applications, conceived in response to the shortcomings of existing platforms. With the highly scalable and fast infrastructure, Chromia will bring both speed and scalability to DeFi products built by Bella Protocol.

We will deepen our partnerships in ecosystem development, developer community, global marketing, and token integration.

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Beefy Finance Integrated Pancakeswap BEL-BNB LP Vault and Provided 740% APY

On Mar 9th, Beefy Finance, a leading yield optimizer, integrated Pancakeswap BEL-BNB LP Pool and provided 740% APY. We’ll continue to partner with more projects and build the ecosystem together.

Try it out at Beefy Finance

HBTC & BUSD Pool Now Supported on Flex Savings v2, Farming Incentives Carried Out According to Plan

On Mar 8th and Mar 1st, BUSD & HBTC pools were open on Bella Flex Savings v2, the week 4 and week 5 of Yield Farming Incentives Program carried out according to the previous plan, with a total BEL reward of $500k.

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Bella Protocol Partnered With Pancakeswap and Opened BEL Syrup Pool & BEL-BNB LP Farm

On Mar 6th, Bella Protocol announced a partnership with PancakeSwap. Bella Syrup Pool and BEL-BNB LP farm opened on PancakeSwap on the same day. Bella team believes that this will be another step towards our explorations in the BSC ecosystem.

From March 6th to May 5th, users can stake $CAKE in BEL Syrup Pool to share a 95,000 $BEL reward pool. There is also a BEL-BNB LP farm, calculating on 1x multiplier, BEL-BNB pool will distribute $16,000,000 every year. Now the TVL of BEL-BNB pool has reached 8 million, APR over 150%.

Hop in and earn your $BEL & $CAKE!

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Bella Flex Savings Integrated With DeFi Llama

On Mar 3rd, Bella Flex Savings integrated with Defi Llama, a reputed DeFi TVL Aggregator. Ranked #60 & TVL now over $35 million, Flex Savings will continue to improve on utility & security and bring more attractive rewards to users!

Check Flex Savings TVL anytime on DeFi Llama:

Bella Protocol Sri Lanka Community Joined Hands With ARPA Community To Launch Plant a Tree Challenge

On Mar 3rd, Bella Protocol joined hands with ARPA to launch “Plant a Tree, Save the Plant Challenge” in the Sri Lanka community. Up to now, many members have sent their photos and videos participating in the challenge. Protecting the environment is our responsibility and is where our enthusiasm lies. Join us, your contribution counts!

Bella Protocol Partnered With Clover To Build Polkadot-Based DeFi Infrastructure

On Mar 2nd, Bella Protocol announced the partnership with Clover, a powerful platform that enables Ethereum projects to migrate their contracts onto Polkadot.

Bella and Clover aim to make Polkadot a prosperous ecosystem for more DeFi products, where various types of projects can release their full potential and create unlimited possibilities of composability.

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Bella Community Meme Design Competition Started

On Mar 2nd, Bella Protocol started Bella Meme Design Competition in the Bella community with a prize pool of $200 BEL. Community members pictured what does Bella look like in their mind and made plenty of intriguing memes. The competition has ended, we’ll share the result with everyone soon, stay tuned!

Take a look at our community:

Bella Protocol Released Info Doc for Flex Savings on

On Mar 1st, Bella Protocol released Flex Savings v2 all-you-ever-need document on Users can now check Bella Flex Savings v2 product info, token burn, contract addresses, features, and FAQ here on Bella official website.

Bella Protocol Dapp Listed on Mathwallet

On Feb 26th, Bella Protocol dApp got listed on MathWallet. Users can now earn rewards at superb APY by going to Math Wallet Browser & search “Bella.”

Bella Flex Savings Listed on Safepal Dapp Store

On Feb 19th, Bella Protocol announced that Bella Flex Savings was listed on SafePal dApp Store. Users can access it via Safepal app and search for Bella Flex Savings in the dApp section under ETH.

Bella Protocol team is always on the lookout to make our products more accessible and secure for all our users. Together with SafePal, we will continue to contribute to the DeFi community and help build a better Ethereum ecosystem for all.

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About Bella

Bella is a suite of open finance products, including automated yield farming tools, lending protocol, 1-click savings account, customized Robo-advisor, and more. We believe everyone deserves equal access to premium financial products and services with elegant design and a smooth user experience.

Bella Protocol is backed by Binance Labs and Arrington Capital as lead investors. Other investors include Alphabit, AlphaCoin Fund, Koi Ventures, Ledger Captial, Tensor, N7 labs, Quest Captical, HBTC Labs, and more.

Bella brings your familiar mobile banking into crypto with just one click. With Bella, you can just simply sit back, watch your asset grow, and leave all the heavy-lifting to secure, automated smart contracts.

Bella’s core team consists of serial entrepreneurs and blockchain veterans who have tremendous experience and a proven track record in finance, cryptography, blockchain, and engineering.

For more information about Bella, or to join our team, please contact us at

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A suite of DeFi products to bring your familiar mobile banking into crypto with just one-click.