Bella Protocol Monthly Report | August — October Progress Review

Bella Protocol
6 min readNov 17, 2023

Dear Bella community,

To make sure the Bella community is up to date with the latest project activities, we update Bella’s recent accomplishments, current tasks, and overall significant happenings within the past month to track our progress toward healthy business growth.

We are delighted to welcome those of you who have been with us along the journey and those who are new to the community. Thank you all for your support!

This review is a look back at August, September, and October. Enjoy!

01 Bella Development Dynamics & Technology Progress

  • Launch Bella LP Farm on Mantle
  • Integrated Mantle TVL into DefiLlama

02 Community, Marketing & Listings

Bella LP Farm Integrates Mantle Network

On October 26th, Bella Protocol expanded its Bella LP Farm to Mantle Network, furthering its mission to enhance liquidity provision across multiple chains and offer DeFi users opportunities in the Mantle ecosystem. To celebrate the launch, Bella has partnered with iZUMi Finance for a 2-month incentive program, allowing liquidity providers in the Mantle-based USDT-USDC pool to earn $BEL and $MNT tokens as rewards. This strategic move aims to cater to the evolving DeFi landscape and reach a broader audience, leveraging Mantle’s infrastructure and iZiSwap’s expertise. Bella remains committed to delivering innovative solutions for users and expanding its partnerships within the Mantle ecosystem, striving for a decentralized and equitable DeFi landscape.

Twitter Spaces: Explore Mantle With Ultra Evolution

On October 23rd, Bella Protocol Co-founder & CEO Felix Xu joined a panel discussion with iZUMi Finance, Mantle Network, Axelar, Lendle, and Cashtree. Hosted on Twitter Spaces, this insightful session provided an in-depth exploration of the Mantle Network. The panelists shared detailed insights into their respective projects, highlighting the unique aspects of their initiatives and discussing the reasons behind their decision to build on the Mantle Network.

Listen to the recording here:

Bella Protocol on Bithumb’s Talk Drop Show

On October 20th, Bithumb, Korea’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, featured an engaging interview with Fay, the Global Operations Lead at Bella Protocol, as part of their renowned “Talk Drop” series. In this insightful session, Fay delved into the comprehensive range of Bella Protocol’s innovative products, including the Bella LP Farm, Flex Savings, and Tuner. Additionally, she unveiled exciting details about Bella Protocol’s upcoming incentive program, designed to reward and engage Bella’s valued community. In conjunction with this interview, we organized a special event, offering a giveaway of 8,500 BELLA tokens. Participants can access this exclusive opportunity by locating a unique coupon code within the interview video. This initiative not only celebrates our collaboration with Bithumb but also offers our community members a chance to further engage with Bella Protocol’s evolving ecosystem.

Watch the interview here: [TALK DROP Week] 벨라프로토콜(BEL) 에어드랍 이벤트

Bella Protocol Listed as a Trending Project on BNB Chain

On October 4th, Bella Protocol was listed as one of the trending projects on the BNB Chain. We aim to help our users maximize their yield across multiple chains. Thank you for being an integral part of our growth and success!

Bella Co-Hosted Twitter Spaces With InsurAce Protocol

On October 4th, Bella Protocol joined a Twitter space hosted by InsurAce, a Defi insurance protocol. This spaces marked the launch of InsurAce’s highly-anticipated V2, and they generously extended an invitation to collaborate with partner projects. During this enlightening Twitter space session, we had the opportunity to introduce our products and provide a comprehensive update on our most recent achievements and advancements.

Check out the recording here:

Two New $BEL Liquidity Pools Launched on iZiSwap

We’ve allocated a total of 27,000 BEL tokens to reward our valued liquidity providers on iZiSwap. To make this opportunity even more accessible, we’ve opened two new liquidity pools: BEL/USDC and ETH/USDC. Here are the details of the allocation schedules:

  • BEL-USDC: Monthly allocation of 5,000 $BEL for 3 months
  • ETH-USDC: Monthly allocation of 4,000 $BEL for 3 months

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to earn BEL rewards by staking your LP tokens today:

Bella Protocol Co-Hosted the AGNOS Event at Token2049

On September 14th, the Bella Protocol core team co-hosted the AGNOS event with iZUMi Finance, Polyhedra, Manta Network, Mantle, Puffer Finance, and Owlto Finance. This event took place during Token2049 in Singapore and featured insightful discussions on a range of topics, including the development of cross-chain infrastructures and the expansion of public chain ecosystems.

Jason Zhao, the Growth Lead at Bella Protocol, participated in a panel discussion alongside distinguished projects such as iZUMi Finance, Range Protocol, Solv Protocol, and Proximity. Together, they delved into the realm of omni-chain technology, focusing on the perspective of asset management protocols.

ARPA Network & Bella Protocol Turkish Community Giveaways

ARPA and Bella Protocol collaborated to organize a series of mini giveaways for our Turkish community from September 4th to September 10th. The campaign aimed to express our gratitude to our Turkish community by rewarding participants with cash prizes and attractive swag for successfully completing the campaign tasks.

Bella Protocol Participated in 0xGen Funding Round

On August 25th, 0xGen, a one-stop liquidity aggregator, successfully concluded its strategic funding round, with Principle68 taking the lead. Bella Protocol is delighted to have participated in this funding round, which aligns with our commitment to advancing DeFi adoption.

Exclusive Interview With Felix Xu: Building Secure Blockchain Systems

In an insightful interview conducted by Coinfomania on August 15th, Felix Xu, one of the co-founders of Bella Protocol, offered a profound perspective on the blockchain and cryptocurrency landscape. During the conversation, he emphasized Bella Protocol’s mission to streamline and enhance DeFi liquidity provision, effectively serving as a bridge between the conventional financial sector and the dynamic realm of blockchain technology. Bella Protocol aspires to establish itself as the vanguard of the industry, setting the standard for optimizing yield and managing liquidity.

Check the full interview here:

Bella Protocol Becomes One of the Fastest Growing Projects on zkSync

Since the launch of our new liquidity product, Bella Protocol’s TVL has been one of the fastest growing in the zkSync ecosystem. In the first week of August, our TVL increased by 30.99% — Shoutout to zkSync AllDay for the mention.



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