​​Bella Protocol Announces Strategic Partnership with Manta Network to Boost Liquidity and Ecosystem Expansion

Bella Protocol
4 min readApr 4, 2024

We are thrilled to share that Bella Protocol has established a strategic partnership with Manta Network, marking a significant step in our collaborative journey. This move follows the successful launch of Bella LP Farm on Manta and the recent deployment of a BellaStaking node. Our objective is to unlock the vast potential of the rapidly evolving Manta ecosystem and leverage Bella’s proven track record as a leading DeFi liquidity protocol to catalyze growth and innovation within this vibrant ecosystem.

At Bella Protocol, we are dedicated to innovating and providing avant-garde liquidity solutions that not only augment liquidity but also prioritize user satisfaction, all underpinned by a robust foundational infrastructure. We recognize Manta as a key partner in this endeavor, given its extensive three-year exploration of diverse fundamental blockchain technologies. Key attributes of Manta that align with our goals include:

Efficiency enabled by modular Data Availability. Leveraging Celestia for Data Availability (DA) and zkEVM for scalability, Manta Pacific can achieve high scalability and low transaction fees. This proves vital for propelling ecosystem growth, especially considering that DeFi activities constitute the most prevalent and recurrent scenarios. End-users of DeFi protocols such as Bella Flex Savings and LP Farm can directly benefit from this advancement, bringing us one step closer to mass adoption.

Developer-friendly architecture. It’s indisputable that a blockchain’s success hinges significantly on its appeal to developers. Manta’s programmable zero-knowledge feature and user-friendly ZK library offer Solidity developers — the largest blockchain developer group — an appealing platform to utilize ZK technology within the familiar Ethereum environment.

Strong potential in liquidity. As a pivotal element within the cryptocurrency market, DeFi, and any blockchain ecosystem, liquidity significantly influences trading efficacy and market stability. Consequently, the shared objective of a blockchain, dApps in its ecosystem, and even end-users is to achieve a high Total Locked Volume (TVL). As per DeFiLlama, Manta has surpassed numerous prominent L1s and L2s, securing a spot in the Top 25 for TVL, currently exceeding $229 million, with expectations of continued growth.

“Bella Protocol’s engagement with Manta Network is a cornerstone of our shared path toward innovating within the DeFi landscape,” said Kenny Li, the Co-Founder of p0x Labs and core contributor for Manta Network: “This collaboration extends beyond mere milestones; it’s about leveraging our combined strengths to foster a DeFi ecosystem that is more accessible, efficient, and secure for everyone.”

“As we embark on this ecosystem collaboration journey with Manta Network, we’re not just supporting a project,” said Felix Xu, CEO & Co-founder of Bella Protocol: “We’re investing in the future of DeFi. Manta’s innovative solutions align seamlessly with our commitment to pushing the boundaries of liquidity provision. Together, we’re charting a course for a decentralized landscape that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of the rapidly evolving crypto community.”

Looking ahead, Bella Protocol will actively seek innovative projects for partnerships in liquidity farming. Our goal is to broaden yield prospects for our community, catalyze the development of more infrastructure layers and DeFi applications, and carve a path towards a wider, more efficient, and fair DeFi terrain spanning diverse ecosystems.

About Bella

Aiming to help users unleash the liquidity potential and maximize crypto yields across multiple chains, Bella Protocol provides a suite of streamlined tools, including a zkSync-based yield protocol, an Ethereum-based smart liquidity pool, and a Uniswap V3 simulator.

The flagship product, Bella LP Farm, is a yield protocol based on zkSync Era, Mantle Network, and Manta Pacific that optimizes returns on liquidity provision. By staking LP tokens on an intuitive portal, users can effortlessly bolster potential earnings with multiple token rewards.

Another notable product in Bella’s line-up is Bella Flex Savings V2, a gas-efficient and smart liquidity pool that auto-compounds returns and provides a low-fee wealth management experience. Flex Savings V2 has been running on Ethereum since February 2021, with the highest TVL of over $40 million.

Bella Protocol caters to the needs of developers and quant strategists with a unique offering called Tuner. This programmatic Uniswap V3 simulator enables users to backtest and fine-tune their quantitative strategies on a transaction-to-transaction basis. With the ability to work with arbitrary or historical data without relying on the EVM, Tuner operates independently while fully preserving the exact smart-contract behavior of the intricate design and implementation of Uniswap V3.

Bella Protocol is backed by Binance Labs, Arrington XRP Capital, and several other renowned investors.

For more information about Bella or to join our team, please contact us at contact@bella.fi

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