Bella Flex Savings v2 to Be Launched in February

👋 Dear Bella Community,

🎊Happy 2021! 2020 has seen the exponential growth of DeFi and the birth of Bella Protocol. This year we will continue to bring new products and work hard to become a tier 1 DeFi protocol.

🎐A Recap of 2020

In October 2020, Bella Liquidity Mining program ( and community governance went live. Users are able to supply liquidity for BEL/USDT, BEL/ETH and ARPA/USDT and earn ~100%APY even till this day. We introduced an innovative Reward Multiplier to encourage users to stake longer for higher APY. Total liquidity provision is now over $2 million USD and increasing.

In November 2020, Flex Savings v1 went live in a sandbox environment. Users were able to stake USDT, USDC, ARPA, DAI, BUSD, WBTC and HBTC. As a teaser for the mainnet product, Flex Savings v1 offers elegantly designed user interface for users to try out.

In December 2020, we launched Bella Locker (, which caters to BEL holders who want to lock tokens with fixed APY for a certain period of time. Lockers are now 50% full.

In January 2021, we announced that all smart contracts in the Bella product suite have been audited by PeckShield, a leading security audit firm. At the same time, our team has decided to open source all of our code base to the DeFi community.

With these launches, we have seen steady growth in both our user base, awareness in DeFi community and total value locked (TVL) in our products.

📢📢Today, we are thrilled to announce that Bella Flex Savings v2 is officially going live on the Ethereum mainnet this month.

👀Preview of Flex Savings v2

So what are the features of Flex Savings v2?

1) Ever-changing stategies, currently auto-farming

2) Gas fee saver, we take care of everything so you can save on gas!

3) Earnings are reinvested automatically, so the return will be compounded

4) Staking vesting period to ensure higher staking return

5) Low management fee, 0.25% flat rate vs 2% fee per year with Yearn

To thank those users who have tried and tested out v1, we have decided to reward the top 5 most active addresses with $100 worth of $BEL tokens. We want to thank you for your passion to take this product to the next level with us, and for your constructive feedback and suggestions.

🚀What is in Bella Flex Savings v2

With Bella Flex Savings v2, users can deposit stablecoins and supported tokens to earn attractive yields automatically. The smart contract then automatically routes the fund to different mining pools under ever-updating investment strategies.

A percentage of the revenue generated through transaction and management fees will be used to buy back and burn $BEL tokens, so there will be fewer and fewer tokens around.


In Flex Savings v2, we have implemented our earnings strategy on With current baseline yield on 3pool, users will be able to see a return much higher than the market standard with $BEL liquidity mining program. As time progresses, we, along with our community, will reassess all the options out there and adjust our strategies accordingly.

🔥Reward Booster

To encourage users to hodl and earn, we will add another layer of incentive into Flex Savings v2, called Reward Booster. At the time of staking, users can choose to postpone BEL reward distribution to a later date for a boosted return.

A reward multiplier of 1.15x/1.3x/1.6x will be applied to the BEL reward earned for 7/15/30 day- vesting for distribution. In other words, users will have the option to delay when they can receive the BEL reward in exchange for a higher return — up to 60% more.

With the firm support of the community, we are more determined to deliver our second phase of blueprint — to lower the user barrier for yield farming and to build a sustainable business ecosystem for BEL token.

👇What’s Next?

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Bella brings your familiar mobile banking into crypto with just one click. With Bella, you can just simply sit back, watch your asset grow, and leave all the heavy-lifting to secure, automated smart contracts.

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