All You Need to Know about Bella Protocol and Binance Launchpool

Could you please introduce yourselves and Bella Protocol?

Why did Binance pick Bella as the first project for Binance Launchpool? What makes Bella stand out?

  • DeFi is a trillion-dollar market fueled by the rise of stablecoins. Despite recent hype, current DeFi user penetration is merely 1% of crypto users
  • DeFi user pain point: gas fee, user experience, understanding of smart contract
  • DeFi user motivation: risk-adjusted high yield via liquidity mining
  • The need for interoperability across emerging protocols for best yield
  • Hybrid finance to combine DeFi and CeFi. Mobile is the next big thing

What are the use cases of the BEL token?

  • Fee Collection — Bella offers a suite of DeFi products ranging from hybrid yield farming tool, lending protocol, 1-click savings account, customized robo-advisor. A majority of transaction and service revenue of the network will be used to reward long-term stakers/liquidity providers.
  • Discount — $BEL holders enjoy service fee discounts, similar to exchange platform token such as BNB. For example, custodian service for DeFi protocols and robo-advisors charge a percentage of the profit. That number decreases when paid with $BEL.
  • Staking — As the total amount of $BEL in circulation increases in the first two years, staking helps $BEL holders to offset the inflation as well as to vote for network changes.
  • Voting and Governance — Bella is an ever-evolving DeFi ecosystem. Users with staked $BEL can vote for potential product upgrades, new releases, and parameter fixes. We will also explore more use cases for BEL, along with finding more partners for the whole Bella ecosystem.

How can we participate in the Binance Launchpool?

Could you please share the future plans and timelines, especially for this month?

Compared with the BNB and BUSD pools, why does the ARPA pool have a lower allocation proportion of BEL?

Please let us know about the token distribution of $BEL ?

DeFi so hot right now , so is it just the beginning or are we in the #defi bubble? What do you think about that ?

You say BELLA is one click DeFi solution and it will reduce gas prices. How will you solve this and how BELLA will effect ARPA?

Can you give more info about airdrop?

What's the APY if I do liquidity mining?

Please let us know about private token sale?

What are the exchanges that will support for $BEL?

Can we buy Bella before listing Binance?

Can we also farm other tokens? Like CRV, SWRV, farm YFV ?

When will be the complete platform launch?

When can we expect for sale on mesa or there is no more sale?

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Bella Protocol

Bella Protocol

A suite of DeFi products to bring your familiar mobile banking into crypto with just one-click.