A Guide to Crypto Events in Q3 2023

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5 min readMay 25, 2023

Block3000: Blockchain Battle

Link: https://block3000.com/

Time: July 6–7, 2023

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Block3000: Blockchain Battle is one of Europe’s largest and most ambitious events covering Blockchain, Crypto, and Web 3.0. Portugal in general sees a very good vibe for the blockchain industry as the country is one of the most crypto-friendly countries in the world. The conference invites thought leaders from various verticals including well-known public chains, leading exchanges, tools with mass adoption as well as research institutions and incubators. And those guys will discuss the most controversial subjects surrounding blockchain and crypto.

ETHWomen Hackathon/ETHToronto

Link: https://www.ethwomen.com/, https://www.ethtoronto.ca/

Time: Aug 15–16, 2023

Location: Toronto, Canada

ETHWomen Hackathon is a female-focused and inclusive hackathon series part of ETHToronto and Blockchain Futurist Conference. It would be a great opportunity for girls who code to join hundreds of other female developers and industry participants at the first-ever ETHWomen in Toronto and Online. ETHToronto 2023 is the second annual event of this series. The previous one offered over $110,000 in prizes, it will be a good opportunity to meet fellow developers and win some grants. Additionally, participants of both events will get free access to Canada’s largest blockchain event Blockchain Futurist Conference which is also scheduled between Aug 15–16.

Coinfest Asia 2023

Link: https://coinfest.asia/

Time: Aug 24–25

Location: Bali, Indonesia

The event promises an immersive and non-typical experience. It also makes it clear that practitioners are welcome, not preachers, to explore real-life insights and solutions. The event attracts quite a lot of community partners, therefore, it’s a great chance to meet people who share interests and minds. Elsewhere, Bali could make a very nice summer holiday destination, go surfing and diving with new friends made at the event.

The Science of Blockchain Conference

Link: https://cbr.stanford.edu/sbc23/

Time: Aug 28–30, 2023

Location: Stanford University, US

An event for scholars, researchers, and practitioners. The conference focuses on technical innovations and brings together researchers and practitioners working in the blockchain space. The event is interested in the application of cryptography, decentralized protocols, formal methods, and empirical analysis, to improve the security and scalability of blockchain deployments. Tech-savvy participants shouldn’t miss out this event.

Permissionless II

Link: https://blockworks.co/event/permissionless-2023

Time: Sep 11–13, 2023

Location: Austin, TX

The event is organized by reputable media Blockworks and popular podcast & newsletter & community Bankless. Last year’s Permissionless attracted over 5,000 participants and 200+ speakers (some big names) across multiple subfield. The topics are quite diverse too, last year, speakers from DeFi projects, investment institutions, exchanges, public chains, and many other verticals discussed topics from DeFi to creator economy to Web3 infrastructure.

TOKEN2049 Singapore

Link: https://www.asia.token2049.com/

Time: Sep 13–14, 2023

Location: Singapore

TOKEN2049, the premier crypto event held annually in Singapore, brings together founders and executives of leading web3 companies to share their industry insights. With a global perspective, the event highlights the vast opportunities within the ecosystem, welcoming practitioners to explore real-life solutions. It serves as a networking platform for entrepreneurs, investors, developers, and industry insiders, shaping the future of the web3 space. TOKEN2049 attracts influential figures, projects, and companies, offering numerous meetups, workshops, and networking opportunities. As the flagship event of Asia Crypto Week on September 13–14, 2023, it anchors a week of independently organized side events, including meetups, hackathons, and parties, turning Singapore into a vibrant crypto hub.

W3.vision — inside DMEXCO 2023

Link: https://www.w3.vision/

Time: Sep 20–21, 2023

Location: Cologne, Germany

w3.vision x DMEXCO is the leading conference that brings together the web3 community and decision-makers from brands, focusing on building a digital world for future generations. This event combines the expertise of w3.vision and DMEXCO to give the web3 and metaverse communities the recognition they deserve. The conference explores various key topics, including immersive commerce revolutionizing customer experiences, the integration of web3 technologies with regulatory compliance, sustainability in virtual worlds, the cultural impact of web3, community-building and co-creation, and the potential of virtual economies in the metaverse. Attendees will gain insights into these areas and their implications for the future of digital interactions.

Blockchain Expo Europe

Link: https://blockchain-expo.com/europe/

Time: Sep 26–27, 2023

Location: RAI, Amsterdam

This technology-focused expo brings together blockchain enthusiasts and industry leaders to explore the latest innovations, implementations, and strategies within the blockchain technology space. The event features top-level content, solution-based case studies, live demos, and networking opportunities, attracting over 6,000 attendees from various industries across Europe. Topics covered include blockchain in business, web3 technologies, creating a sustainable ecosystem using blockchain, interesting use cases, web3 strategy, privacy and governance of blockchain, and more. The event aims to showcase the impact of blockchain across sectors such as manufacturing, transport, supply chain, government, legal, finance, energy, healthcare, and retail.

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