A Guide to Crypto Events in Q2 2023

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6 min readJan 27, 2023


Link: https://edcon.io

Time: April 3–6, 2023

Location: Vienna, Austria

EDCON (Community Ethereum Development Conference) is a non-profit annual global Ethereum conference that happens in different countries, aiming to enhance community communication and interaction worldwide. Attendees can expect to hear from Vitalik Buterin (founder of Ethereum), Justin Drake (Ethereum researcher), Dankrad Feist (researcher at Ethereum Foundation), Aditya Asgaonkar (Core Researcher of Ethereum Foundation), Ariel Elperin (Product Manager & Blockchain Researcher at StarkWare), and Aya Miyaguchi (Executive Director at Ethereum Foundation). The conference will consist of presentations, panel discussions, and networking opportunities, as well as learning opportunities with industry leaders.


Link: https://www.nft.nyc/

Time: April 12–14, 2023

Location: New York, US

Since 2018, NFT.NYC has been committed to giving a voice to the growing NFT community, and it now attracts the most innovative brands, projects, and enthusiasts in the NFT ecosystem from around the world., In 2022 only, over 16,000 attendees from more than 70 countries gathered here. Attendees could enjoy not only immersive NFT experiences and insights of great minds, but also networking opportunities with industry leaders and like-minded individuals in the field.


Link: https://consensus.coindesk.com/

Time: April 26–28, 2023

Location: Austin, US

Launched in 2015, Consensus is now one of the world’s largest, longest-running, and most influential gatherings that brings together the entire cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3 ecosystem. It is the go-to gathering for thousands of professionals and builders from around the world. Consensus 2023 is an invitation for key players in the industry, including leaders, developers, investors, founders, policymakers, and brands, to unite, work together and tackle the most critical issues facing the crypto industry. Join to exchange opinions with them and together unlock the true potential of this disruptive technology.

ETH #Privacy Hackathon

Link: https://www.leadingprivacy.com/istanbul

Time: April 28–30, 2023

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

ETH #Privacy is a hackathon organized by the Leading Privacy Alliance of web3, focused on exploring the latest developments, findings and opportunities in the field of privacy within the Ethereum ecosystem. This event is designed for both experienced developers and individuals from all backgrounds who are eager to learn more about privacy in Ethereum. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with leading experts and like-minded individuals to gain a deeper understanding of the must-haves and upcoming opportunities in privacy for both projects and users.

Bitcoin 2023

Link: https://b.tc/conference/

Time: May 18–20, 2023

Location: Miami, US

This is a BTC-only conference with a 3-year history. Bitcoin 2023 is the ultimate conference for Bitcoin enthusiasts. As the world’s largest Bitcoin gathering, the conference will feature top-tier speakers, sponsors and attendees from the industry. It offers opportunities for learning, networking as well as partying with industry opinion leaders and influencers. Join fellow Bitcoin enthusiasts in Miami Beach for the biggest annual celebration of all things Bitcoin.

TEAMZ Web3 Summit

Link: https://en.web3.teamz.co.jp

Time: May 17–18, 2023

Location: Tokyo, Japan

The TEAMZ Web3.0 Summit is an updated edition of the TEAMZ BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT, the most influential blockchain event in Japan with a history of 5 years. The event aims to drive the growth of Web 3.0 businesses in Japan. Global industry leaders, experts and veterans across the Web 3.0 space and other fields will cover topics such as advanced technology, market demand and solutions, the current state and potential of the Japanese and international markets, in various forms including presentations, keynote speeches, and panels.

Non Fungible Conference

Link: https://www.nonfungibleconference.com/

Time: June 7–8, 2023

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

The Non Fungible Conference is a two-day event that brings together leading members of the NFT community. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of talks, panels, workshops, and experiences led by top artists, projects, platforms, collectors, and investors. This year, the conference is taking it to the next level by raising the bar with more engaging and interactive events, setting new benchmarks in the NFT community. On top of an immersive blind talk section given by anonymous OGs, there’ll be a physical market for collectors to sell, present, and shop.

Blockchance 2023

Link: https://www.blockchance.eu/

Time: June 28–30, 2023

Location: Hamburg, Germany

BlockChance 2023 is the premier blockchain gathering in Europe, and one of the largest events across the region. It will attract over 7500 attendees, 250+ speakers, and 200 exhibitors. The Main Stage, boasting nearly 3000 seats, will feature keynote speeches by renowned leaders in the blockchain space, such as CZ, Joseph Lubin, Michael Saylor, and Raoul Pal. This upcoming event is the go-to destination for the elite of the global blockchain industry to come together and share their insights.


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