A Guide to Crypto Events in H1 2022


  • Hosted by well-known VC institution CoinList guys (Mike Zajko + Regan Bozman);
  • Be “isolated” with over 50 A+ crypto-ers in mountains having inspiring fireside chats;
  • Talk serious industry stuff, no formalistic conference structure;
  • Skiing, nice food and beautiful view;


  • Largest Web3 #BUIDLathon in the world;
  • Tech oriented, must-join event for devs;
  • Chances of winning prizes & bounties ($500K in total), as well as grants and fundraising ($2M in total);
  • For free;

MIT FinTech Conference

  • Speakers from not just leading blockchain companies but also outside the industry (like Meta, Softbank, SEC and Grab);
  • Chance to win in Startup Pitch Competition for prize up to $30K;
  • Beside the conference, can learn from speakers via a series of podcast episodes;


  • Diversified speaker roster — on top of crypto industry leaders, there are also popular book author, journalist, attorney and NGO people;
  • NFT theme;
  • Supporting charity via Heroes Unmasked — a southwest Florida-based NGO aims to help unwell children;
  • Booking premium+ ticket to get free VIP pass to the inaugural game between Atlanta Braves vs Marlins, if you are baseball fan;


  • Biggest Bitcoin event (12K attendees in 2021);
  • If you love both crypto and EDM (the world’s first Bitcoin music festival will have Steve Aoki on stage);
  • Various in-depth content to be covered by panels and speeches;
  • Its ‘Pitch Day’ section offers new-gen Bitcoin startups the chance of being in front of the world’s biggest Bitcoin community;
  • BTC accepted to book tickets;

Paris Blockchain Week

  • Not many other events scheduled in Europe;
  • Solid speaker roster, including high-level people from well-known blockchain companies, such as Yearn, Messari, Sandbox, Ripple and Solana, among others;
  • Wide spectrum of topics, NFT, metaverse, DeFi as well as Web 2.0;

TOKEN 2049

  • Largest crypto event in Asia;
  • Speakers from leading companies, companies with Asian headquarters likely to send delegates;
  • Might be a big-time comeback after the 2-year break (last time was in 2019 before the COVID);
  • Most comprehensive crypto events in Middle East and Eurasia, North Africa might as well;
  • Turkey might be one of the largest crypto owning countries;
  • Learn first-hand information and thorough of the local market;
  • Expanding regional exposure — to both enterprise audiences and end users — if you are on the project side;


  • Well-established event organized by CoinDesk since 2015;
  • One of the most mainstream and influential events;
  • Annual tradition for most crypto practitioners;

For developers in Ethereum ecosystem

ETH Amsterdam (Apr 22nd — 24th)

ETH Prague (June 10th — 12th)

ETH New York (June 24th — 26th)

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